trying to formulate words that can make a logical and understanding sentence is quite hard right now. after a busy few days getting my hair done at the lisa shephard event, going to china town with my friend from school and painting the town every colour imaginable last night i am shattered. however i love making the most of my weekends and also my evenings after work. the perfect time to catch up with friends and enjoy (indulge) in some sneaky cocktails.
1. duck and pancakes in china town. this was literally the best plum sauce i have ever had as well. needless to say a lot of chinese food was consumed this night!
2. went for a makeover at space nk as i wanted to try out a foundation. i wasn’t a massive fan of the foundation but loved this darphin azahar cleansing micellar water that was used to take my makeup off. had a really lovely refreshing fragrance and left my skin feeling lovely and clean
3. the top of my mums chest of draws. i’m so proud! and now i think its clear where i get my beauty habit from :P
4. all ready for a night on the town. even went for some gel liner on my waterline and tightline. haven’t done this in agggees but lovely the dark smokey eye look
5. ROAST. that is all
6. everyone looks awesome in oversized glasses pulling a duck face. right….?!
hope you all had a great week and this cold weather on the horizon isn’t too cold!