continuing on in my foundation hunt i was drawn to the makeup forever counter in sephora whilst i was in new york. i already have their mat velvet + which i love but i have always been intrigued by their hd foundation as it always has good things said about it. me being me i was tempted to splurge and buy one but my friend reinstated the sensible within and told me to ask for a sample instead. i thought i would get the standard look of disgust but was pleasantly surprised when i got a smile and the above sample in a sample bag. sephora you know how to give a foundation sample!

i used this whilst in new york and found that it was very drying on my skin. i dont have a dry t-zone but this made my skin look dry and patchy especially around my eyebrows. i put this down to the fact my skin was dry from being on the plane and having a massive furnace blasting 24/7. i let it slide and waited until i got home and my skin was back to normal before trying it again.

the next test was for my going out makeup. this has no spf so figured it would be perfect for a night out. i went to apply it and still i found this resulted in dry patches on my skin. either this is just the foundation itself or it might have something to do with the fact that i used it with my new primer (the present from philosophy). to combat this i used a little bit of illamasqua’s skin base foundation to add a bit of moisture to my face. overall though i was happy with the finish.

i went for my night out and forgot all about the foundation.  however, looking at photos on facebook the next morning (which is clearly the best way to test a foundation :P) i was pleasantly surprised that my face looked like my makeup had just been applied. now i don’t know whether this is down to this foundation, my new primer or the tarte amazonian blush but something just seemed to work.
this is a photo at the beginning of the night say around 9.30pm/10pm. this is already after i applied my foundation at 7.30pm and got two buses into town.
don’t we make a lovely bunch :P this photo is at around 1am. i used my mac blotting powder a couple of times throughout the night to prevent mr nose shine but that was the only touch up i did. after seeing this photo i was impressed at how my makeup looks and that it is pretty much all in one piece.

so where am i going after that massive ramble? my conclusion dear friends is that yes this foundation may have a drying ish (which again could be down to the primer), mixed with illamasqua’s skin based it makes a darn good going out foundation that i might just have to invest in =)

have you tried this foundation before? have you had any problems with it dry on your skin?