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as this post goes live i will either be trying to get through security at the airport/sitting in the departure lounge or on a plane depending on when my flight actually is :P that’s right i’m back off to new york! madness right?! i know! i only went back in november for a week but i just can’t stay away :P the friend i stayed with when i went in november is a friend from primary school days. when we arrived he shared the exciting news that we would be back in february as…he is getting married! this is the first marriage of adult life (as opposed to when your a child and go with your parents to family weddings) and its a new york wedding! i am only going for 3 nights but i am so excited! no doubt we will manage to fit in a shopping day, tho my bank balance might kill me if i do, so any recommendations would be gladly welcomed!
as i will be away there won’t be any posts but i’ll fill you in with any sneaky purchases i make whilst i’m away =)