i have returned from new york! it has been such a whirlwind trip. seems mad to think i flew out on saturday and got back at 8am yesterday. tired is an understatement! as is only fitting to do i thought i would share with you my splurges. even tho i was only there for 3 days shopping can always be squeezed in (however my bank balance has been squeezed to the max!)

first off do not going to duane reade when you have just got off a plane from london. if you haven’t heard of duane reade it is a haven and has all the american drugstore brands plus essie and opi for $8. there was a duane reade not too far from our apartment which meant on the first night i spent about $60 on revlon lip butters and essie nail varnishes. apparently when you want to try something out when tired you logically decide that you need to buy 4 of them to test them sufficiently :P

i don’t buy nail varnishes very often so felt it was okay to let the above happen :P i wore bangle jangle to the wedding which is a lovely soft pale lilac colour. ballet slippers ive always wanted to try and the other too i just couldn’t resist especially with spring hopefully around the corner!

i bought some revlon lip butters too. they are around $8 each as well (tho in my head i was thinking they were $5 so when i got the bill i had a little bit of a heart attack) i wanted to get a couple of everyday shades and a stronger pink and bright pink. can’t wait to give these a try!
next up was sephora. oh sephora. as im a good girl i made myself a list before i went to new york and stuck too it. i also picked up a couple of things for my mum as its her birthday next week. gosh im nice :P


in my stash is FINALLY nars laguna bronzer! was a bit gutted to see it was cheaper at the airport on the way back but i couldn’t wait any longer to get it. i got a backup bobbi brown corrector as im in love with it. also got the present primer as ive heard many a good thing about it. i also got a tarte amazonian clay blush in tipsy. this is a stunning corally pink colour and the colour payoff is insane! i also picked up a sample of makeup forever hd foundation. my skin was so dry in new york that i did not get on with this one bit. im going to wait until it returns to normal at home to try it again


and last but no means least i got creme cup lipstick from mac. how i never have had this before i have no idea but i love it. its such a soft pinky nude that is perfect for every day and occasion!

now i am officially on a spending ban for life! i treated myself as i don’t know when ill next be back in america (as i have no more friends living out there planning on getting married :P) but now the treating is over sadly but i am very excited to try out everything i got! i will be including some wedding pictures on my ‘week in pictures’ post this sunday so keep an eye out for that =)