i feel like a brand new blogger all over again i haven’t blogged for so long! its been great to spend some time visiting family and seeing friends but i have missed the old blog! i hope you all had a great christmas, boxing day and new years eve. today is my last day of stuffing myself so i am making the most of it :P
here are some pictures of what i have been up to over the christmas holidaysmy christmas prezzies =) let me know if you want me to do a post about what i got or if you want to see anything in more detail. as you can see i had a bit of a cupcake themed christmas!
me on christmas day. i had a horrible cold and wanted to get my hair off my face so i attempted a hair tutorial by andreas choice and i was pretty happy with the outcome!
this is the side bun in a bit more detail. everyone loves a flower clip :P
christmas day meal. beyond NOM
the day after boxing day me and my parents went to the big game at twickenham. we have been every year for the last 3 years and they usually have some xfactor people signing before the game and during half time. this year it was misha b and amelia lily. both sounded amazeballs but the crowed booed misha b each time which i thought was pretty harsh
on wednesday i took a 8am train to go to manchester to see the family. we took a long afternoon walk along the canal and fed the ducks
on thursday we went to salford to the theatre to see scrouge. it was more a musical then a panto but was brilliant. the theatre was also set around the new bbc media city they have built up there
it would be a ‘my week in pictures’ without a picture of a cupcake!! watching gem from gems maquillage on her youtube channel and reading her blog she has mentioned a tea room/cupcake place in maccesfield called cherry blossom bakery that looked and sounded amazing. as i was in manchester i asked my aunt if we could go and we went with my cousin and his three kids for a cupcake and some tea! such a cute cafe and so glad i went. wish i had taken a box of these cupcakes home with me!
hope you all had a brilliant week. seems strange to think in a couple of days time it will be like christmas never happened and the working routine will well and truly be back. exciting that we are in a new year with new prospects =) lets make it a goodun!!