another sunday another my week in pictures post. this week has been rather manic. i’ve changed jobs and started a new job on monday which involves a stonking early alarm setting and just over an hour commute that is already killing me. alongside that i gave a talk at my secondary school on tuesday evening to year 9 students about studying a design technology gcse and a level and how it helped with my education and career to date. i even had parents coming up to me saying i gave a great talk which was insane. god knows what i said i pretty much blacked out throughout it :P it must have been good as ive already been asked to come back and give another one! its mad going back to a school you were at 5 years ago and to think how much you have changed since. its a nice reflection =) anyway on to the pics!

1. epic humous and pita that we had for a starter comptoir libanais. such a good restaurant serving middle eastern cuisine
2. royal albert hall. mum and i went to see cirque du soleil totem on thursday night. its the first time i’ve ever been and it was outstanding!! the most visually amazing show i’ve ever seen. spent half of it with my mouth wide open as i couldn’t believe what people were able to do!
3. making some EPIC brownies. first time i have ever made them and they were ammmmaaazing!! thank you santa for the cookery book =)
4. treating myself to a frap in starbucks whilst catching up with my friend. sometimes fraps are just amazing and this was one of them!
hope you had a great week =)