this feels like my first proper ‘my week in pictures’ post of the new year. christmas is sadly boxed up and put away for another year and the routines of work are quickly reappearing. when it comes to the new year i like to think that what happens in january kinda pans out what will happen for the year. last year my january was manic. i was mentally busy at work and mentally busy with my masters and that was pretty much what my 2011 was like! i didn’t have much time for myself as i was focusing on work and uni and spending any free time i had back home. this year however has seen my january been busy socially! now you ask how do i know that considering im only a week in? well for the first time in god knows how long i actually have an event/birthday planned for every saturday in january. this hardly ever happens in a month so im taking this to mean that 2012 is the year for me to spend more time with my friends and focus more on myself and what i want out of life as opposed to being too busy to even contemplate going out
ive also had a play around with how i show my photos in this post. i’ve put them together in a sort of collage format (as collages are very in at the moment in the blogging world don’t you know darling :P) let me know if you prefer this style or the bigger individual pictures
1. driving through richmond park on a gloriously sunny day2. now this might sound like a shock to people but i hate yankie candles. its true. ive admitted it. ive not found a scent i like yet and i’ve sniffed a fair few! instead i am in love with these candles. they are made by a company called pintail and i think smell a lot better then yankie candles and also are cheaper. my favourite ones are the occasion tins and i bought best wishes (vanilla and white ginger) and my ultimate fav good luck (white lily and silk). they were on sale in cargo for £3.99 down from £4.99. bargain!3. i also bought this love sign in cargo for only £4.99. i have put it alongside my keep calm and bake cakes picture that i got for christmas. it makes more of a feature of the wall behind my bed and there is nothing wrong with bringing a bit of love into a room!4. MINI EGGS! now one great thing about doing a weekly ‘my week in pictures’ (which i have now been doing since 14th november 2010!!) is that i can look back over things. i thought that mini eggs and creme eggs had arrived ridiculously early this year, however after a bit of research i can report that on the 9th january 2011 i have a picture of me with creme eggs!

5. finishing off the christmas bubbly

6. finally tried the mc donalds breakfast wrap! after two failed attempts of making the mc donalds breakfast in time today was finally the day of the breakfast wrap! and it was so good i don’t remember what it tasted like – i just remember awesomeness :P

hope you all had a great week and the january blues aren’t hitting you too hard