i have been on the hunt for a new foundation. do i need a new foundation? no. but there are a few newbies on the market that i just want to see how they do. i also havent fallen head of heels for mat lumiere so im on the hunt! first up on my list is the new chanel foundation perfection lumiere. this was released as chanel discontinued two of their foundation lines, pro lumiere and mat lumiere. they claim this is a breakthrough foundation and provides the ideal all-day everyday formula. lets see about this!

i picked up a sample of 20 beige and managed to get two uses out of it which i thought was pretty good for a sachet. on first impressions i found that this colour was a bit yellow on me but it had a nice fragrance which wasn’t too overpowering and it didnt linger on the skin. it also blended well and was easy to apply. for those of you who are lovers of mat lumiere or a mat look you will like this. however considering its meant to be in-between pro and mat lumiere i think those of you who like pro lumiere will not be a fan of this. there is a slight dewiness to the skin but nothing that i would imagine pro lumiere would give you. overall thought i was happy with the final finish and thought my skin looked pretty nice!

onto lunch time. i headed to the toilet at work to do a good inspection of how the foundation was holding up. considering its meant to be an all-day formula i found that my face looked like the foundation had pretty much rubbed away. my cheeks were red my nose was shiny. needless to say i wasn’t impressed. even on the second day the same thing happened. i would show you photos of this but they arn’t pretty. i got better staying power out of my mufe mat velvet + although i liked the initial look of this foundation the overall performance means that this time i will not be shelling out £36 on this foundation.

have you guys tried this foundation yet? how do you find it?