if you haven’t heard by now there is a nifty thing floating around the interwebz called buyapowa. it is a website whereby shoppers can buy together (co-buy) to receive an item at a discounted price. the more people that buy the same item the cheaper it is! great aye? similar to ebay each offer is only available for a limited time or until the item is sold out. i may have had a sneaky indulge into the world of buyapowa :p first is with the infamous shu uemura eyelash curler. these usually retail at around £20 which i managed to bag for £14 + £1 P+P
i don’t use these everyday as have the time i cant be naffed or haven’t stumbled across them when doing my makeup. however when i do use them i notice such a big difference in my lashes. i have long lashes and these curlers really help to effectively and quickly curl my lashes

my second sneaky purchase (which is one i didn’t need) was a pan mac eyeshadow. these usually retail for £11.50 and i got one for £6.50 + £1 P+P = happy me! i got the shade knight divine which is a veluxe pearl
this is a lovely dark smokey silvery grey colour. the colour pay off honestly is pretty pants but if your wanting to create a smokey eye look and are worried about the dark shade going everywhere then this helps you create the look with ease. for a bargain colour i can’t complain :P

also with the buyapowa website you can sign up for notifications for when deals your interested are live and you can also request items you would like to be included in future deals! not like i need an excuse to shop but at least this website helps ease the pursestrings a bit =)