cheesy new years eve shot :p

before i made my new resolutions i thought it would be best to actually look at last years ones. then i can see which ones, if any, i achieved. last year (post can be found here) my resolutions were:

♥ no buying makeup until the IMATS (this will be hard!) – this i know i didn’t stick to :P
♥ fill my mac pallet – after taking the plunge and depotting this was achieved! post here
♥ improve my skin care routine – this i achieved by venturing into the wonderful world of liz earle. post here
♥ find a better storage solution for all my makeup – this was done with the help of muji (here) and whsmiths (here)
♥ drink more water – got better at this by making use of my bobble (mentioned here)
♥ de stress before bedtime (either apply a face mask or a good night cream so i relax before bed) – never happened!
♥ get my eyebrows regularly waxed and tinted (i don’t cos of the cost but its so worth it!) – pretty much stuck to =)
so what’s on the list for 2012?
1. improve my posture – i am TERRIBLE at slouching and really need to stop otherwise i will be the hunchback of notre-dame!
2. look after my hair. after 2011 being the year of improving my skincare routine 2012 is the year of improving my haircare routine
3. start ‘shopping the stash’ on a weekly basis to give old products some new life and means i actually get some use out of the things i own
4. be positive! my parents can be so negative about things and its amazing how much your luck can change if your more positive about things
5. be happy and healthy in everything i do – bit general but i figured if your happy and healthy your doing alright!
here’s looking at you 2012!