one thing i love about a new year is looking back over the old one. when anyone asks me whether i had a good year or not im terrible at replying as half the time i cant remember what ive done! having a blog is a great way of reminding you of things especially with my ‘my week in pictures’ post its nice to remember all the stuff i got up to. not just that its also nice to see what products i have been rambling on about and which ones are stand out products to me
so here we go. my standout products of 2011!
collection 200 big fake false effect mascara. this however is closely followed by the ysl shocking mascara and the daniel sandler jumbo jet mascara that came in a glossybox
liz earle skin care products. ive got into a great routine of using their cleanser, toner and moisturiser and boy does my skin like this routine!
shellac nails. this was the first time i ever tried shellac and i loved it! it helps my nails to grow and there are no chips for at least 2 weeks. perfection
mac quite cute collection. this was my favourite mac collection on the year and the collection i bought the most from!
vo5 instant oomph powder. this was the best product i found at giving me volume and oomph that lasts
dove nourishing oil care range. towards the end of the year i stopped worrying so much about big volumed hair and instead worried about soft good quality hair. this was the best range i found for making my hair soft and sleek. i even use the express treatment conditioner on my makeup brushes to give them an intense conditioning
lauren’s way tan. i do love my fake tan and this tan was the best i found for quick and easy application, natural olive colour and decent price. now i’ve understood better how to use my xen tan absolute luxe it is coming in a close second but my heart lies with my lauren’s way tan :P here is a link to the tan after 4 days and also a video of my tanning routine
barbara daly shadesticks. i love these shadesticks. they are soft and easy to apply and together make the perfect daily neutral eye. they are so much easier and nicer then their mac equivalents. i only wish i could find them in more colours!
vaseline creme brulee. a bit of a fad product but i love it all the same. it has the great moisturising qualities of vaseline but the added yummyness of creme brulee. love!
liz earle energising body scrub. after my tanning disaster of 2011 this product has been a life saver. it helps me out in tanning emergencies and smells lush
favourite lipstick of 2011? mac diva! if it wasn’t for back to mac i most likely wouldn’t have braved this beauty so back to mac i thank you!
denman metal pin paddle brush. part of my ‘improve my hair’ involves brushing it once i’ve washed it as opposed to thinking ‘can’t brush hair. will make hair flat and lifeless’ i know i should used a wide toothed comb but combs have scared me ever since the days of birds nests in my hair. this is soft enough to use and works a treat
hope you enjoyed my little round up of 2011 favourites =) what have been your standout products of the year?

also if you want to have a nosey here were my favourites from back in 2010!