this week has been a bit non plus and not a single ‘my week in pictures’ picture is to be had! i’ve managed to do my back in so the week has been spent hobbling around like an old person and helping/forcing my dad to finish the christmas shopping. the big win of the week is i finally got a winter coat! its the perfect mix of winter warmth with a attached fur stole (look how fashionable i am :P) whilst being fitted enough it doesn’t make me look like the abominable snowman. i also went to a friends murder mystery party last night which was a laugh as i’ve never done one little giveaway for the above sure deodorants has finished today so i thought i would use this ‘my week in pictures’ to announce the winner. the lovely random number generator picked number 1 so congratulations to seanna from make up and me =)hope you all had a great back pain free week