this week i am bringing to you a rather late (and rather hungover) week in pictures. i went out for a old school friends birthday and i wore my new diva lipstick! win! looked a bit like morticia but i loved it all the same
1. this makes me lol each time i see it. oh arn’t they funny in east london

2. i found myself in london on tuesday afternoon and after some recent hype on twitter about these cookes (thanks girls!) i had to delve in a get some. boy are they AMAZING! millie’s cookies eat your heart out christmas dvds. i watch these dvds each year usually one a week in the run up to christmas as my little christmas tradition! white christmas is always last and it truly the best film ever

4. christmas nails for the win. vivd purple by barry m with models own juicy jules heavily applied on top. perfection

hope you had a great week =)