last night saw my first attempt with the xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe. i bought this product as i wanted a dark tan. i found with the regular xen tan dark lotion i would have to applied two layers and same with the lauren’s way tan. i went for this and shelled out the extra buck, £29.70 to be exact, for the darkness this tan claims to have

upon first sight on this tan i freaked out. the tan can out a light brown (not the dark lotion colour im used to with the other products – as shown in the oh so sexy swatches on the tissue above) and went on my skin white. yes white. where i applied it to the skin it went grey and then disappeared. after doing both my legs i was convinced this was wrong so went to google. well google was useless! literally it was half and half. i saw some people with pictures of the lotion coming out a really dark brown saying it had a dark instant colour with others saying it was the same colour as mine with no instant colour. in my 12am panic i washed it off my legs and resorted to twitter. luckily i was reassured and informed it was normal so i proceed to retan my legs and the rest of my body

i went to bed slightly sticky worried my sheets would be bright orange in the morning. luckily they were not and i was suddenly a nice golden brown. i went to have a shower and as per there was a basin full of washed off tan and the colour i was left with was pretty much the same as the final results you get with the xen tan dark lotion. as im going out for a friends birthday tonight i will most likely be reaching for the rimmel instant shimmer stuff to give me that extra glow i want

what are your experiences with the xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe? is it worth the money?