this week has flown by in a haze of being in new york for the start of the week to being in a jet lagged zombie mode for the rest. i have let myself doing nothing but sleep this weekend so i am hoping this will help combat the last of the jet lag once and for all! as i haven’t been up to much these pictures will be more of new york but its a pretty place so whose complaining :P
1. anyone who watches project runway knows this is a must sight seeing spot. on our first day i saw this was round the corner so had to stop by and take a few snaps. we also spied some actual parsons students too!!

2. the conde nast building. who doesn’t want to work here?!

3. anyone for chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream? no? NUTTER!

4. now if you don’t recognise this table shame on you! think back to the first sex and the city film. the night before the wedding. the big meal ‘congratulations!’ yes sir this is the place where carrie and big had their big dinner the night before their wedding

5. magnolia bakery cupcake don’t mind if i do. pretty gutted that i didn’t bulk buy these and bring them home :P

hope you all had a great week. i am off to the handpicked media gets social event tomorrow. let me know if your going too =)