vivo has come to town! vivo is an exciting new brand that has recently launched exclusively to tescos. now before you assume that this will be cheap, poorly pigmented and generally naff products think again. vivo offers great quality products for bargain prices. for example the pan eyeshadows seen below are yours for a tiny amount of £1.50!
the shadows are super pigmented and glide on nice and easy. not stubborn eye shadows here! they have a massive range too so i will soon be heading to my nearest tescos stocklists to stock up on some more
another thing that has got me very excited about the brand is their baked goodies. sadly not of the cupcakes variety but instead of the cheek variety. vivo have baked bronzer and blushers (that are rumoured to be a sneaky dupe for stero rose!) the baked bronze below is a lovely subtle bronze shade that can be built up for a more dramatic look. the bakedness (new word :P) of the product means the colour is a deep rich colour without being too sparkly
they also have a range of eyeliners and mascaras. the mascara sadly i did not get along with as nothing can so far replace my collection 2000 big fake false eyes mascara the eyeliner however (which also comes with a handy smudger on the other end of the pencil) is really soft and smooth to apply.  great when you just want to smoke out your liner!
overall i am totally won over by vivo and will be less quick to judge supermarket cosmetic brands

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