now i love sigma brushes. i bought the professional collection back when they were numbered ss124 etc and i’ve added a few more to my collection since then. they are soft, easy to work with and long lasting. well so i thought
2 years later (yes i found my order email! i bought the professional 12 brush set on 6th november 2009) and they are starting to give up the ghost =(


i clean my brushes using mac’s brush cleaner and once a month give them a more deep clean using which ever hand soap we have in the bathroom at the time. i make sure that only the brush head gets wet so nothing gets into where the glue hold its all together and i shape them and leave them to dry

but recently they have been shedding up a storm. the brushes above; e40 tapered blending brush (one of the newer ones ive bought) that i’ve been using to blend in my concealer and my ss150 that i use to apply mac’s msf natural, are pretty much knackered

to the point that the boys at work love to point and shout ‘YOU’VE GOT ANTS ON YOUR FACE’

i don’t/ my brushes just suck =( i’ve even given these two a deep conditioning treatment using my dove expressed deep conditioner but no such luck

instead this happens


has anyone else had sigma brushes this long and had problems? anyone know how to revive these brushes? any tips would be most welcome!

in the mean time i am turning to my fingers and power puffs to save the day

sigma why you die on me?!