hello all you beautiful people! this week has been pretty much a bum week. had a horrible cold (which involved a leaking nose sexy aye) but all turned out roses towards the end of the week as i had some money left over at the end of the month and as that is such a rare occurrence i thought i would have some fun in westfields today
1. on wednesday i helped out on my friends music video shoot for kyla la grange it was an intense 14 hour day which needles to say i was a zombie towards the end of but it was a great shoot

2. epic dominos session last night. my friend lou got back from holiday this week so it was lovely to have a night in with takeaway, gossip and xfactor. perfection

3. lou shares the best news stories with me! also i spied on her thumb the barry m foil effect polish in silver. i’m currently wearing the purple one she got me for my birthday but this one is next to try out!

4. bloggers made me do it. literally on friday i saw milly’s postzoe’s video and someone else on twitter mention topshops lipstick pillow talk. the 3rd time i saw it mentioned it was decided. i had to have it. and now i do :p

5. same goes with hunters wellies. i saw georgia mention these wellies in a post and after her saying i had to have them i knew i had to get them. my excuse for getting them is there was 20% off in office and im going to new york in a couple of weeks so these will be perfect out there =)

hope you all had a great week!

also if you have any recommendations of anything to get out in new york. i havent been in donkeys years so any great american recommendations please let me know =)