this is what happens when you go out looking for a pair of bright coloured jeans but none of them fit as your too tall and they all only go up to you thighs you end up buying one of the biggest lust items. a ysl lipstick
now you knew this was gonna happen at some point and it turned out to be sooner rather then later
i have wanted one of these lipsticks for agggges but couldn’t justify their hefty price tag of £22. also whenever i swatched them there never seemed to be a colour i liked. so after my fail of a shopping experience i took my sorry self over to the ysl counter and started swatching to my hearts content. again none of the colours really stood out to me. well that was until i sat down in that doomous seat and tried one on
it. was. amazing

i got shade 13 – peche passion and its a beautiful corally pinky colour. quite similar to everhip. one thing about these lipsticks is that they are soooooo moisturising. you can really tell the quality when you put them on

not only that the packaging is to die for!




i also got a free sample of the ysl mascara volume and even tho its only a small little brush i love the formula of this mascara already after only using it a couple of times


now its a case of how long can i hold out before buying another one :P