it happened again
i dont know how


told you i have a problem

ladies and gentlemen i caved. AGAIN!


but look she’s so beautiful!


ysl is my crack! hmm that sounds like bum crack but you know what i mean! i blame the sales assistant the first time i bought a ysl lippy. she put this on me as well and then i wanted both. it was only a matter of time before i found myself at the ysl counter staring longingly at this beaut and then today a greater power came over me, pulled out my debit card and made it mine

but im not complaining as she is BEAUTIFUL and literally the perfect nudey peach you will ever need. i could (if i was mad :P) sell all my mac nude lipsticks as i would only need this


and what’s this??!


no thats not some photoshop tom foolery that is two shade one rouge voluptes! and luckily i did not go that insane that i felt i need two for myself instantly! after the response on my last post i have purchased this little beauty to put towards a big giveaway im holding on my blog very soon! so keep your eyes pealed =)