alor my lovelies! sorry for the lateness of this post but sunday night tv has well and truly got the better of me. x factor, spooks AND the only way is essex?! bliss!! literally feels so good to not have any uni work to cram in tonight so that i can just enjoy this epic lineup. man i sound like a tv junkie :P IMG_0453 IMG_0461



1. well looky looky! the bentley’s are a talented lot :P however. who the hell is skinner?! (oh i do make myself chuckle)

2. yesterday i went to the kelly cutrone book signing and talk at waterstones piccadilly. it was the first time i’ve ever been to one of her talks and literally that woman is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! there is so much truth to watch she is saying and she is so wise. we waited after the talk to get our books signed and in mine she wrote ‘dare to be yourself’ its like from meeting me she instantly knew me and my insecurities. so glad i went =)

3. whilst walking to the talk i spied out of my little eye a macaroon tower. i wondered what shop it was an to my amazement it was laduree!!! i never knew there was a shop in london so when i saw it i had to run in and grab a box. i got a mixed box of 8 which i shared with my parents and literally the taste was something else! every flavour was intense and just burst into your mouth with the first bite. now i know that shop is there i can see myself going back soon :P

4. testing out a makeup look for my birthday party (and yes i am wearing bright pink tie-dye trousers :P so so classy!) my birthday is just over a week away and then my birthday party two days later so i wanted to try out a makeup look and hairstyle to wear for the night

hope you all had a great week and are enjoying all the autumn tv! desperate housewives and gossip girl back this week!!!