happy sunday everyone!!
the sun has finally popped his head out to say hello after the horrible rainy morning this morning. this week has been spent catching up with friends, making new ones and making the most of being back in london <3
1. my face paint at notting hill carnival

2. the cutest monkey twins!!

3. bobbles! these are water bottles with filters that are inside them so you can fill them up with tap water and still get filtered water. means you dont have to buy bottled water. i bought a litre bottle in blue and having that means i make sure i drink 2 litres of water a day

4. making yorkshire puddings for sunday lunch

5. my new coat i bought from topshop. it was £75 eeep thank god for student discount which bought it down a bit. i still can’t make my mind up about this coat. i love it but not sure whether it suits me. do you guys like it?

hope you had a great week!