i wasn’t going to do a post on this months glossybox as there are zillions flying around but i thought i would give an update for anyone who wanted to know my views on this months box. it also seems that glossybox has suddenly found out about bloggers so sent pretty much anyone and everyone a free box to review – fyi mine was not free. i have been subscribed from the beginning and paid for this box too

now the reason why ive bought up the whole free boxes going around at the moment is because i feel that a lot of the people who got sent a box for free really liked the box with even some claiming it was the best yet. im sorry what?! fair enough if thats what they honestly feel im glad they liked the box but i quite simply didnt. yes there is the hd brows product which retails at £19.99 so you are getting value for money but yet again there is nothing else i would use (so technically a great box for my mum :P)

there is the multi-usage dry oil which my mum squealed with excitement at while i thought it was a perfume. there is the thermal cleansing balm which again my mum exclaimed she ‘loves’ so another one for her. there is another perfume that smells like toilet water and then sachets. dont even get me started on sachets

now it may seem like im being unreasonably negative, im not especially when there have been some boxes i’ve loved. but after seeing an impressive pile of ‘things from my glossybox to try out yet haven’t actually done so are sitting and collecting dust’ i come to the conclusion that i’m done

that’s right i have officially unsubscribed from glossybox. even the excitement of receiving the box has sadly worn off. i’m more of a cosmetics girls then a lets try lots of skincare/haircare things so what i want from a subscription box sadly isn’t there. it was great while it lasted but i’ll have my £12.95 back please