this week in pictures post will be a bit different. after everything that happened at the beginning of the week with the riots in london that spread across the UK, it hasn’t felt right to blog or even read blogs. even on twitter it felt weird to return to ‘normal twitter activity’ as it feels like going back to normal is like forgetting everything that happened. and its hard to forget and move on
although many people may disagree i feel that the police ultimately did the right thing. yes there needed to be more of them on the streets but i feel that if they showed an ounce of violence towards the rioters the situation could of got a hell of a lot worse. a lot of the kids involved are people that carry knives and guns on the street. although unfortunately 4 people lost their lives in the riots i feel that this number would be a lot higher if the police used violence to control the riots
i relate it to a toddler throwing a tantrum. the worst thing to do is show them attention. its usually best to leave them to cry on their own for 20 minutes and after which they will stop. pretty much what the rioters have done. yes we had 3 days of hell in london im not distracting from that at all but i feel that if the police did turn to water cannons within those first few days the situation could have escalated even further
it is easy to jump to water cannons or using physical violence against the rioters to stop them but if this all initially started because the police may have shot an innocent man, then i dread to think what else could have happened
i think society needs to change in order to fix this problem and although the riots have stopped the problem hasnt gone away
before i get myself all angry again instead i think everyone should pick up a bag of these