one week on tuesday. one week on tuesday aaaaah! thats right one week on tuesday is my final masters deadline where i have to hand in a development file, marketing strategy, production folder and 6,500 word critical analysis. the first three parts are verging on the complete but i still have my critical analysis to go AHH! sorry to bore you with those details but that has been my life this week. only been letting myself out to go to work or to the gym. fun!
IMG_0315 IMG_0327




1. i made home made enchiladas after finding this recipe on sainsburys. they were delicious! a little dry (as im sure you can see from the picture) but i didnt want too much sauce on them

2. uni work uni work uni work booo

3. getting back into the gym routine. as ive been at home so much recently it means ive missed out on going to the gym. as ive got so much work on i dont have the time to go to classes like i used to but when ever i have some time or before i go insane from cabin fever i pop to the gym and do 45 minutes on the cross trainer and then some weights

4. making american pancakes this morning. NOM

5. my foundation combination win at the moment. when your busy and up working late nights and have early mornings the last thing you want to do is faff around with makeup or look like your still asleep. this combination gives me the perfect balance between full coverage perfection and natural lightness. all i do is mix these together, pop them on, add a bit of blush and then im good to go

hope your all having a great week. apologies if i dont get to post much this week but once im all handed in and then moved back home things will be a lot less hectic =)