writing this post i can hardly remember what happened monday or what i have been doing with my week. its been a complete blur and i am counting down the days till 16th august. my final hand in! quite embarrassing how little work i’ve done. doing the whole burying my head in the sand and hoping it gets done as opposed to actually pulling my finger out and doing it. FOOL! oh well at least after 16th august you wont have to hear me complain about uni work anymore =)






1. this week marked my first ever macaroon. i’ve never tried one before and my mum went to brighton and kindly picked me one up to try. it was strawberry flavoured and was nomalicious!

2. back at the o2! was there from 8.45am till 7.30pm on friday and need to go back tomorrow as well. why must everything happen at once now?!

3. driving over london bridge <3

4. curly hair! i used my conical wand for once in my life and styled my hair. loved the look it created but felt my hair got quickly flat throughout the night so need to work on the style a bit!

5. a good old game of ring of fire with old friends =)

hope you all had an amazing week and please check out my new youtube channel here i have uploaded my mac makeover experience and also my tanning routine