rain rain go away come again another day =( this week saw me returning back to the office! it was like first day of school again going back! however i am again back at home as yesterday i went to the brilliant ‘The Only way is Blogging’ event and met lots of lovely bloggers and had a great time. post on that to come soon!
1. this is pretty much what lola does every morning when im at uni. i sit at my chest of draws to do my makeup for the day and she sits by the side of me asking for food. bless!
2. i was lucky enough to be invited to a screening of cars 2! i am a MASSIVE pixar (or pixstar as my dad likes to call it) fan so was over the mooooon to be invited. the film was awesome, as per :P
3. a sneaky peak of what i got up to at the ‘TOWIB’ event!
hope you all had a great week and managed to stay away from the rain
i am still in the process of having my blog transferred to my new spangly domain which will be www.agirlandabeautyblog.com
thanks for you patience and help in the meantime =)