naughty naughty me *slaps my wrist* today is monday not sunday! what was i thinking?! outrageous i know. but instead last night i frolicked down to the pub for a course mates fundraiser for their masters project. did i even get photos of my frolicking? no i’m that naughty but it was so nice to finally get out the house and have a cider in my hand!
IMG_0111 IMG_0126






1. on the set of One Tonne a boxing filming. this is where i spent monday through to friday.

2. here the  director and his cast and crew are checking some of the rushes from the night before (which basically just means watching through all of the footage)

3. this sign made me majorly LOL. and i found it in a school. bigger LOLS

4. after being grouchy most of the week i decided to brighten up my wednesday by applying some bright blue shadow under my eyes and slapping on my lady gaga lipstick. mood +10 points

5. lunch time on location. the director’s aunt works in catering so we had all the food fully catered and let me tell you it was NOM CITY! from chilli to fajitas we were well looked after

6. the last big fight scene of the film

7. once One Tonne was wrapped i couldn’t even catch a days break. onto the filming on One of Us a comedic webseries and my house being invaded by cast!

no rest for the wicked =)
fingers crossed i can steal an afternoon this week to sit on the beach