i caved. i bought it! apologies for the poor photos in this post they were all taken last night while i was tanning so the lighting isnt exactly great. hopefully it will give you a good idea of everything though! i bought the tanning lotion from here for £15.95 for 250ml. i bought this at 2pm ish on tuesday, paid for next day delivery and it arrived at around lunch time the next day!it comes in a big old box and if you dig deep enough you’ll find the bottle sitting inside =)
IMG_0198 there is also a little card inside saying thank you. aw how nice! :P
IMG_0199   IMG_0200 so down to the nitty gritty. the product itself.
IMG_0209 the only fake tan i have used previously to lauren’s way is xen-tan lotion in dark. i got this at christmas and have only just run out. xen-tan is more expensive at £28.99 directly from the website (but can be found cheaper elsewhere) for 236mlthis first thing i noticed is that lauren’s way comes out a lot darker and thicker then the xen-tan lotion. i find that from two pumps you can cover more. the lotion itself seems more moisturising and therefore is easier to apply and covers a greater area. its also quite pleasant that it doesnt smell like marzipan so you dont smell like a cake the day after tanning.
now onto the colour!pale pasty arm before lauren’s way was applied
IMG_0220 during applicationthe initial colour is very dark. very. its a lot darker then xen-tan. it means its very easy to see where you have applied the product and where is missing which is helpful. but then it makes you think the final colour will be a lot darken then it actually will be
IMG_0223 so i applied lauren’s way last night at around 10pm/10.30pm and washed it off this morning at 8.30am ish. that gives an idea of how long i left it on forand here she is!
IMG_0234 i took this picture at work this morning as the photo i took at home looked pale and shiny. note to self do not take photos on fake tan when you have just stepped out of the shower!the final colour is a lovely olive tan which doesnt look too dark or too fake (considering the tans your spy on TOWIE) the product is lovely and easy to use and ive had no problem with dry patches or darker bits. overall a very painless tanning session with very pleasing results

so all in all ive been converted. i was a bit worried about trying this tan out initially but i looked past the packaging and focused on what was inside the bottle. and what was inside made me a very happy bronzed girl!