i’ve had this little product a while now and have been throughly enjoying the volume and oomph it adds to my hair!


its around £4 for 7g and well worth it


it has a controlled opening at the top which helps you to carefully decant the magical white powder into your hair


this is the said magical powder. it doesn’t really have a scent to it which is good but if you were to rub it between your fingers it does feel slightly sticky. it is this sticky feeling that helps to add volume and oomph to your hair

you don’t need a lot of the product to see a difference. i use the bottle to place some of the product directly at my roots. don’t be phased by the white looking dandruff look. after some jushing it will all disappear!!

before application – lacking oomph




jushing time!!


voila!! oomph galore!


this is my hair after i have fully jushed the product into my hair and flattened it down a bit (wasn’t feeling the lion look today :P) its very workable and you can easily create as much or as little volume as you desire. overall a great little product =)