hello all you lovely people! hope you’ve had a great week! i managed to pick myself up a stomach bug this week so spent the majority of my week in bed feel sick and sorry for myself. when i wasnt tucked up (and complaining :p) this is what i got up to
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Screen shot 2011-05-22 at 19.54.42

1. monday night i went home and one of the things i love about going home is seeing this little face! hard to believe that she will be 17 this year!!

2. i went home to see bell x1 at scala on tuesday. i love love love this band live. this is the third time i’ve seen them live and they get better every time

3. my glossybox! im sure your all sick of seeing it :P

4. mmmmm illamasqua nail varnish in purity. i’ve been trying out lots of different nail varnishes this week and having a lot of fun wearing some bright spring/summer colours

5. casting casting and more casting. with filming date for this is oxford soon approaching the cast calls are coming in thick and fast

6. enjoying being part of #bbloggers this week =)

hope you all had a great week!