i wasn’t going to do a ‘my week in pictures’ this week shocking i know. it got late, i’ve had a bit of a pants day and i honestly didn’t think anyone would notice if it wasn’t there lol but my dear friend reminded/made me get my act together and put one up
therefore there isnt many photos but at least its something aye =)
photo-1 photo


1. the flowers my dad got for his cousin. didn’t he do well! they looked so so pretty but STANK and clever me i managed to get it all over my dress too. thank god i have my epic stain remover mum who managed to fix my dress up a treat

2. sadly i dont have a photo of the epic ice cream so its a picture of a receipt but this is because i found baskin robbins in the uk!!! i didn’t know they had any over in the uk so on saturday night with about 15mins before they closed my friend and i made a mad dash over there for some nommy late night ice cream

3. this picture is from the benefit pr event and is a reminder to myself don’t start a spending ban before a pr event! was so hard not to buy anything when i was there but i managed, just, to restrain myself

that’s all folks but dont forget you can fill out my uber amazing i’ll love you forever survey