hope you have all had a lovely easter and enjoyed the 4 day weekend if you haven’t had work. after having worked in the retail industry for 8 years i can finally enjoy bank holidays! its been so lovely catching up with friends and frolicking around in the sun =)
my week
1. the cupcakes i ordered for my mum for easter. sadly im not that skilled to make cupcakes this amazing!
2. taking my new mcqueen out for the day :P i’m also trying to man up about wearing my hair up. i usually only put my hair up when im tired/stressed in the office or at home. i hate having my hair up normally but with this warmer weather im trying to man up and venture outside with my hair up
3. cocktails along the river – and this was for only two people :P
4. richmond riverside LUSH!!
5. standard bunny photo for easter <3