hello all you lovely people! yes it is me! even though i am still away in dubai i couldnt leave you without a ‘my week in pictures’ could i?! as we have bought some wireless internet time so we can book in on our flight later i thought i would sneak in a blog post too! at the moment it is 10.40am ish so 7.40am back in england. here are some photos from my trip so far =)
1. jet setting off to dubai!
2. our pool at the hotel. probs the only place where you can have bright sun, a beautiful pool, palm trees oh and whats that in the background??? ahh yes sky-scrapers :p
3. dubai is probs the only place too where in your shopping mall you get a fully functioning ski slope…
4. …and a aquarium!
5. and if an aquarium isn’t enough there is also an underwater zoo in your mall with THE CUTEST OTTERS EVER! i’ve never seen otter before and let me tell you i was pushing my way to the front to get a photo of these cuties. so adorable!
hope your all having a great week and the weather is nice back home =) today is my last full day in dubai and once i’ve uploaded this post ill be heading to the pool. if only i had a pool like this at home :p