this week has pretty much been filming filming filming! lent started on wednesday and this year (as i do with most years) i have given up chocolate, coke, crisps and takeaways. fingers crossed i can stick to it!
here are some photos and apologies that they are mostly from my shoot
1. on thursday for work me and my business partner (yes i hate saying that :P) had to drive up to the o2 and back in a day. as his car has been playing up i did the driving and as a thank you/hungry moment we went and had a big old meal at chiquito’s NOM
2. on thursday was lola’s second birthday! this is a birthday card that my mum sent her which i thought was sweet =)
3. this is us on our first day filming. here we are filming a shot for an augmented reality piece to show our groups creativity and interactive skills :P
4. fun drive by shoot! here we had someone in the passenger seat of the car with the camera filming our actors as they pegged it down a car park. was a fun way to finish the first day
5. this is a shot from today where we filmed our actor, who is a ballet dancer, for our trailer. was nice to watch a bit of ballet early on sunday morning =) a great end to the week too
hope you all had a great week and are getting some sun where you are. spring is in the air!