after my horrendous week last week this week was a great improvement! headed home wednesday night for my mum’s birthday so was nice to spend some time at home and catch up with friends =)
here is what i have been up to!
1. my valentines day surprise that my lovely housemate left for me. this is what i found when i returned from work. needless to say it put a big old smile on my face =) she knows me well!
2. my valentines day prezzies from my mum. i’ve been spoilt this year! mum got me a lovely mirror and photo frame to put up in my room. she also got a box of creme eggs for me too!
3. rayband weather! i can’t wait for summer and for the sun to come out
4. going to see the musical priscilla queen of the desert for mum’s birthday. it was very very camp but a great musical. some amazing ott outfits and makeup!
5. cocktails for mum’s’ birthday at dinner. this was a vodka, champagne and strawberry cocktail and was NOM!
6. my beautiful alexa that i can’t stop looking at :P
hope you all had a great week =)