this week has well and truly seen the end of christmas and new year =( back into the routine of work and i am now back at uni!
i have a 5,000 word essay due on tuesday which ive pretty much yet to start :/ im usually really organised with work and planning but a) i cant work at home and b) im pretty sick of education now lol. after 19 long years i can whole heartedly say i am done with education!
anyhoo this is what i’ve been up to
1. creme eggs are baaaaack! i saw the advert on tv and then went out to find them in the shops. at whsmiths i struck gold and in my excitement i bought 3 :P these are my favourite chocolates! that and mini eggs =)
2. i went to see drake on friday night with my flatmate at the hammersmith apollo. drake is really good live and i like going to see different artists
3. those two bags contain my makeup that i took home for the holidays. yes that much :P these two bags house my heart and soul haha! all packed up ready to head back to uni
4. the sun was shining and i got to wear my sunglasses for the first time this year. i love my red raybands and i wore them on my drive back to bournemouth
5. i treated myself to a pizza hut pizza as i was craving stuffed crust! NOM
6. my non existent essay =( this is what i will be doing all tonight and tomorrow. can’t wait for it to be over as i am pretty bored now of writing essays! bring on september when i will be all graduated and finally finished with university!!
hope you all had a good week back at work/school and don’t have the holiday blues too bad!
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