another week has gone! i love doing these posts, looking back over the week and seeing what pictures i have taken! here we go =)
1. the snow has gone and the ice is in town! this is my very fun and festive ice scraper that my mum got me last year
2. i have finished my christmas shopping now and the wrapping has started!
3. christmas lunch at work! my mission this year is to see how many christmas meals i can have before christmas day. so far im on two :P one at work and one at the christmas party!
4.cupcakes NOM NOM! we ordered some cupcakes for reception at work to say thank you. they were SO good and had edible glitter. what more could you want?!
5. me rocking my pink friday lipstick on the way to southampton yesterday. it was 9am in the morning and i got many strange looks but i love it all the same <3
hope you all have a great week and are feeling festive! only 13 days to go!xxx